I Smoke Weed


Launched before the 2016 election, VICELAND created a social platform to change public perception of marijuana use in America and promote their new show, Weediquette.

Submission flow sketch.

We designed and built the platform, which invites marijuana users to proudly declare what they do for a living and why they smoke.  By featuring the stories of everyday people — doctors, lawyers, CEOs — VICELAND sought to de-stigmatize marijuana use and legalization.

Submission grid layout option.

UX Challenges

We wanted to reduce user barriers to entry. Given the sensitive nature of the subject, we had to be very careful to make onboarding simple and not alarming.

 We needed to balance legal requirements with UX best practices. We were required to add legal terms and an age gate after the site had already been built.

 Using good design and UX, we wanted to shift perceptions associated with weed and it’s users. Marijuana use is associated with tacky design, and we create a simple design and navigation pattern that would appeal to a wider audience and feel unthreatening. If we want to change the perception of weed, we need to create a community. Through good design and ux we wanted a community of users to come and share their stories to shift even more perceptions.

Submission grid layout option.

UX Solutions

To keep submissions straightforward, our form’s structure let the user decide how much information they would like to share. Users could submit the minimum — their name and job title — or they could add an image and their reason for smoking weed. To foster a sense of community, users were able to scroll and view all of the submissions the site had received. While reading the stories, there is a persistent “Add Your Story” button that can take the user back to the form if they change their mind about how much personal information they are willing to share. For mobile, we simplified the submissions grid to one column and made sure the submission form fit on screens so the user did not have to scroll the complete the form. 

Desktop wireframes. Top row, left to right- global statement/introduction, featured submissions, user submission form. Bottom row, left to right- user submission form active, user submission preview, user submission success state, user submissions grid. 

We seamlessly included legal requirements to made sure they were easy for users to fully understand and move on to the next action. On the age gate, we made sure if users entered the wrong age by mistake, the enter button would not activate. We did not want to overcomplicate the age gate by making every user select enter just to get rejected. For the privacy and terms, we made sure the user could accept or deny at anytime without having to scroll through all of the legalese.

Mobile wireframes. Left to right- global statement/introduction, featured submissions, user submission form,  user submission form active, user submission preview.

To make the site appealing, we followed VICELAND’s brand guidelines and updated the tone of the site with a clean design and flow that allows users to take it seriously. These updates helped elevate the content and change users perceptions about weed smokers and weed culture.



Digital Agency - Stink Studios

Executive Creative Director - Ben Hughes

User Experience Designer - Liz Wells

Designer - Maxime Rimbert

Director of Technology - PJ Ahlberg

Developer - Suny Gao

Executive Producer - Alex Sturtevant

Producers - Luciana Alamo, Nickie Kuhn


Cilo - Bronze in Television/Streaming - Digital/Mobile Microsite